Sony VENICE Workshop - TCD

Thanks to everyone who joined us at The Camera Division in N. Hollywood on Wednesday 2/6/2019 for our free Sony VENICE WorkshopBand Pro's Senior Technical Consultant, Randy Wedick, ran down the enhanced functionality of the new VENICE 3.0  & 4.0 Firmware updates, and demo'd the new Rialto tethered extension system.

** Randy's presentation is available for download here **


RIALTO (CBK-3610XS) is compatible with existing and new VENICE cameras. A user can quickly configure and freely use VENICE’s image sensor block to capture uncompromising imagery. Customizing the camera for specific scenarios in under 3 minutes with one 3mm Allen Wrench allowing for ultimate flexibility onset.

It is a lightweight and easy to use tethered extension system that allows the camera body to detach from the image sensor block with no degradation in image quality. The image sensor block weighs 4 lbs with PL mount and 3 lbs using the native E-mount, and the cable system can extend from 9 or 18 feet, offering a highly configurable, flexible and portable method of operation.

Thanks again to everyone who came down.  If you couldn't make it, here's a few photos from the event.