16X9 Cine Base M15 Universal Baseplate

16x9's new Cine Baseplate system, the Cine Base M15, provides a flexible and modular support system for today's popular small cameras, including the Sony PMW-F3, Sony NEX-FS100, and Panasonic AG-AF100.

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As digital camera bodies shrink in size and weight, high-quality prime and zoom lenses easily are becoming the heaviest piece of the package, resulting in a very front-heavy camera setup. The Cine Base M15 from 16x9 Inc. elegantly solves this with a support rod and baseplate system that, with the flick of a quick-release lever, can be quickly adjusted and readjusted on the fly according to balance needs. The Cine Base M15 system is currently available for the following cameras: Sony PMW-F3, Sony NEX-FS100, and Panasonic AG-AF100.·

With the Cine Base M15, one can avoid having to step up to an expensive, heavy-duty tripod system or having to attach batteries or other random backend ballast, which defeats the whole purpose of a smaller, lighter camera. The Cine Base M15 consists of 20” of length of industry-standard support rods—a front 12” section and an 8” rear section— and a three-part plate system: the 9” dovetail sliding baseplate, the rod support plate and the camera spacer plate (which varies by camera). The Cine Base M15 is ideal for compact cameras that frequently change balance when adding or removing accessories or lenses—again, adjustable with the flick of a quick-release lever. It is also quite versatile in that the 15mm rod support plate can be directly mounted to ARRI BP3/BP8 bridgeplates with proper height alignment for industry-standard matteboxes and accessories.

The quick, balance adjustability allows for easy lens and battery changes, monitor repositioning and the swapping of onboard recorders. Other features include a dovetail balance plate to help center any weight offset and a unique dovetail quick-press, spring-load mounting and release system.

Cameras also may be used with just the spacer and dovetail slide plate for simple, low-profile balancing for jib, car and Steadicam mounting. The industry-standard 15mm rods serve as a lightweight support system for a mattebox and other accessories.

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Manufacturer Part Number 169-CMB15

The 16x9 Cine Base M15 includes:

  • Baseplate with support for 15mm rods
  • Dovetail slider plate
  • Camera spacer plate
  • Industry standard 15mm rods:
         Two 8" rods and two 12" rods, threaded to connect as two 20" rods
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