Digital Hybrid Wireless® UHF Plug-On Transmitter

Digital Hybrid Wireless UHF Plug-On Transmitter

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The Hm Digital Hybrid® UHF Plug-On Transmitter Features A Dsp-Based Design That Allows The Transmitter To Operate In Its Native Digital Hybrid Wireless® Mode, Lectrosonics 200 Series, 100 Series, Ifb Product Groups, Plus Two Modes For Compatibility With Analog Receivers From Other Manufacturers. A Unique Multi-Voltage Phantom Power Feature Allows The Transmitter To Be Used With Virtually Any Microphone, Including High-Current Condenser Types, Expanding Its Usefulness In High-End Applications Such As Motion Picture Production..

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Description Transmitter, Wireless Digital Hybrid Audio, Frequency Agile UHF, Cube, Plug-On, For Handheld Mics, With 5/15/48VDC Phantom Power, LCD Display, Uses (2) AA Batteries


* Digital Hybrid Wireless® Technology * Membrane Switch Control Panel With LCD Display * Converts Microphones With XLR Jacks To Wireless Operation * Selectable 5, 18 And 48 Volt Phantom Power Plus Off Position For Dynamic Microphones * Adjustable Low Frequency Roll-Off * Powered By Two AA Batteries * 256 Synthesized UHF Frequencies * 100 Mw Output Power * Rugged Machined Aluminum Housing

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