Panasonic 256 GB B Series expressP2 Card

256 GB B Series expressP2 Card with speeds up to 10 Gbps
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The 256 GB B Series expressP2 memory card has been engineered for performance beyond that of the standard P2 cards. They are optimized for 4K, high frame rate and wide dynamic range recording and are specifically developed for use with the Cinema VariCam 35 and Cinema VariCam LT cameras, as well as the high speed VariCam HS action camera.

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Manufacturer Part Number AU-XP0256BG
Recording Video Format Recording Time
AVC‐Intra4K444 (24p) Approx. 45 min
AVC‐Intra4K422 (VFR ON, 50 fps/60 fps) Approx. 36 min
AVC‐Intra4K422 (VFR OFF, 24p) Approx. 90 min
AVC‐Intra4K‐LT (VFR ON, 100 fps/120 fps) Approx. 32 min
AVC‐Intra100 (VFR ON, 100 fps/120 fps) Approx. 64 min
 ProRes 422 HQ* (VFR ON, 60 fps) Approx. 60 min
 AVC‐Intra100, (VFR ON, 200 fps/240 fps) Approx. 32 min
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