ikan BumbleBee Lightweight Handheld Rig

The BumbleBee Lightweight Handheld Rig
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Stop holding your camerain your hand








There’s a better, affordable solution. The Bumble Bee is simple,handheld stabilization made for small to mid-sized camcorders and HDSLRcameras.














Lightweight with arubberized handle, you can use the various mounting points to set up yourcamera in multiple orientations depending on the make and model. Now, you canget that low sweeping shot or long pan without headache causing shakes, orextra time spent in post.
















Everythingcomes together in seconds with an H-plate, DGB-75, one standard grip bar with amolded, yellow ikan grip, and easy to use thumbscrews.

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Manufacturer Part Number ELE-BB


1 X 1/4-20 D-Ring
1 X 3/8-16 D-Ring
1 X Handheld Rig

ELE-BB Quick Start Guide

Dimensions:6 ¼" x 4" x 6 ¼"
Dimensions (Metric):15.875 x10.16 x 15.875 cm
Shipping Weight:3 lbs
Weight :1 lbs
Weight (Metric):0.45 kg

  • Various Mounting Points
  • Designed for Small to Mid Size Camcorders
  • Lightweight Shooting Platform
  • Simple Handheld Stabilization
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